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Our team

“Botrini’s promises a dining experience with a distinct identity. […] Chef Patron, Ettore Botrini who has been involved in haute cuisine for almost 40 years and has trained with Martín Berasategui, now works alongside the brilliant Nikos Billis, who has also worked in top establishments, such as Noma. Their cooking style could be described as an ode to the Mediterranean, with subtle flavours and stunning aesthetics.

Michelin Guide


Ettore Botrini

Chef Patron

Botrinis Restaurant-

“The most important & influential Chef in Greece of the Decade 2011-2020”

       The FNL Guide, 2021

“The most influential Chef in Greece as voted by Greek Chefs”

        Athinorama, 2023

Ettore Botrini is a Greek-Italian Chef born and raised in Corfu. He was inspired to become a Chef by his father’s love for cooking. He studied Tourism Management at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. He had the chance to gain culinary experience in 3 Michelin star-rated restaurants in France and Spain and work side by side with some world-class Chefs including his current friend, Martin Berasategui.

He is involved in a series of renowned gastronomic projects, and he is the Chef-Patron of two restaurants: Botrini’s, and Etrusco restaurant in Corfu, named after his father, one of the most historic restaurants in Greece.

According to Fnl Guide 2020, Ettore Botrini’s main contribution to Greek gastronomy is that he has been charged -by the most important culinary critics and institutions- with paving the way for the evolution of Greek cuisine as “in addition to being the best chef in the country… he is the man who ‘taught’ modern techniques to Greek customers and chefs.”

He is one of the most recognizable personalities of the Greek culinary scene as he has starred in a series of TV shows including the Greek version of “Kitchen Nightmare”. He speaks five languages fluently (Greek, Italian, Spanish, French & English).

Nikos Billis

Head Chef

Botrinis Restaurant-

Nikos Billis, our Head Chef from Thessaly, seduced as a child by the smell of freshly baked bread decided to become a chef. After working in a bakery during the summers of his teenage years he studied cooking inRhodes and later delved into the culture and operations of world-class Michelin star-ratedrestaurants such as Noma in Denmark, Miramar in Spain, Jardin des Sens in France, and De Librije in the Netherlands.

As a lover of nature, he is always in pursuit for the best ingredients and envisions a simple cuisine representative of the tradition of the Greek countryside. In 2016, he was awarded the Best Young Chef of the Mediterranean at the prestigious San Pellegrino Young Chef Academy competition.

Since 2011, he has been Chef Botrini’s main associate, leading the kitchens of Botrini’s, and Etrusco.




Botrinis Restaurant-Sarah Panagioti

Sarah Panagioti

Restaurant Manager

Sarah, our restaurant manager, is one of the oldest members of our family. She started working at Botrini’s as part of her internship in 2018 and has stayed with us since. Her loyalty and hard work were rewarded as she was promoted to Restaurant Manager in 2023. Sarah has a degree in Tourism and Hospitality management and is currently exploring the world of wine. She has one of the warmest smiles and enjoys, more than anything else, making our guests feel at home.

Botrinis Restaurant-Filippos Zois

Filippos Zois


Filippos, our sommelier, considers hospitality an integral part of his identity. He has been working in the industry for as long as he can remember as his parents have their own restaurants. He has a degree in Finance & Communication Management in the Sectors of Culture and Hospitality. Additionally, his love for wine has led him to the completion of level 3 of WSET, an international wine education organization.

Botrinis Restaurant-Despina Tokalakis

Despina Tokalakis


Despoina Tokalaki has a rich academic and professional background focusing on the sectors of wine and hospitality. Through her studies at the American Agricultural School of Thessaloniki, she has immersed herself in all stages of wine production from viticulture, harvesting, vinification, to bottling. She has also studied Tourism Business Management at the European International University and her work in high-end hotel establishments for the past 13 years has led her to complete WSET Level 3. She is now a member of the Court of Master Sommeliers program.