The Menus

The Menus


Botrinis Restaurant-Peripatos
a leisurely walk taken for pleasure


Botrinis Restaurant-Taksidi
a. journey or b. (figurative) passage through imagination

by Ettore Botrini

Botrinis Restaurant-Our Stories

Our Stories

We share with our guests the story behind each dish of our tasting menus. Those stories, outlined in cards which are presented at the table before each course, form a peculiar ‘cabinet de curiosités’ of things precious to us: our Chefs’ childhood memories, elements of our philosophy and fascinating tales like the history of Tuscan islands where fishermen marinate swordfish in seawater or the tradition of ‘tsipouradika’, the simple taverns of Volos that a century ago the Asia Minor refugees brought to their new homeland. We invite you to discover them.

Botrinis Restaurant-The Cellar

The Cellar

At Botrini’s we love wine. It is part of our gastronomic proposal, as it compliments and interacts with our food. Explore our cellar and our expertly developed wine program.

Our Cellar
Botrinis Restaurant-The Chef’s Table

The Chef’s Table

Our Chef’s Table offers a truly immersive journey. Dine in the heart of our kitchen right in front of our pass and enjoy the thrilling action of our kitchen brigade as dishes are created right before your eyes. Here, we serve a menu designed by our Chef in order for our Chef’s table guests to try the best of our cuisine.

Βοοk The Chef’s Table